Using Gantt Chart for Task Management in Your Essay Writing

Personal use of Gantt charts - make a thesis plan

Gantt chart is widely used in the business planning of various companies because of its powerful date visualization. However, in fact, it also has indispensable energy when performing individual task management.
For example, we can use Gantt charts for detailed planning of each step when we plan our dissertation writing. It gives us enough time to organize previous research and revise our own research before ddl.
Start by listing each step, as well as the planned start time, and completion time.

An example of an essay plan

Even just these three pieces of data are sufficient to generate a Gantt chart. It usually includes the start and end dates of the activities and a summary of the project activities, but is not so complex that it will contain resources or materials.
Gantt charts are sometimes used to show prerequisite and follow-up activities and their relationships, which is the simplest form of a project schedule. If one wants to provide an overall summary of the project's progress without much detail, then the Gantt chart is the right tool.

Converted to Gantt Chart view

Conversely, we can also adjust the time for each step according to the Gantt chart. Can't finish in 6 days? Then try dragging and dropping to change the dates in the Gantt chart. The online document format also allows users to make changes whenever and wherever they want.
Can't finish in 6 days? Then try to modify the dates in the Gantt chart by dragging them directly!

Drag the selected part to change the date