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Data Sheet
Coming in 2022 H2
Coming in 2022 H2
Coming in 2022 H2

The power of Google Sheets, Airtable and many more in one

Spreadsheet and Data Sheet are two of our most powerful building blocks. Now you could leverage the data manipulation of a spreadsheet and the work management flexibility of a database all in the same workspace.

Docs organize everything

We believe in the magic power of words and wiki tree. It gives work context and organization so that the full strength of our building blocks could be realized.

Never miss a Job-To-Be-Done

Create and organize tasks for yourself and the team right from the Project Sheet. Create context around tasks with the Wiki. Manage your own time with daily Tasks. Everything you and your team need for getting work done is here. And integrated.

Designed for Collaboration

All our apps support real time collaboration. It is easy to share with internal or external collaborators. Learn together, work together, and make progress together.

More to come

The world has changed. Now it is you, the maker and the mover, who will make a difference in your world and your organization.

Our mission is to give you the most complete, flexible, interconnected, yet elegant productivity toolkit. So you could get complex and convoluted things done with calm.

We are just getting started. More features such as templates, integration and automation will ship in the coming months. Stay tuned.